First Live Dates for 2017
(created 18.06.2017)

We are happy to announce our first live dates for 2017:

SoulHealer - Still Alive 2017

7.7.2017 The Rocks, Savonlinna
8.7.2017 Toholampi, Central Ostrobothnia
26.8.2017 Ravintola Ottopoika, Kuopio w/ Perpetual Rage & Serpent Warning
15.9.2017 TBA
16.9.2017 Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa w/ Stud & Bloody Hell
6.10.2017 Bar 15, Seinäjoki
7.10.2017 Cafe Bar Rengia, Renko w/ Tommy Vitaly & Astralion
24.11.2017 TBA

PURE STEEL DVD - Visual Diamonds - Out now!
(created 30.05.2017)

This DVD features Soulhealer - The Deception Video among other great clips from Pure Steel bands!

Get your copy now in the Pure Steel Shop!

Line-up change & future plans!
(created 10.03.2017)

We know, that it was a bit quiet in the SoulHealer Camp lately. But we did not want to reveal stuff before the time was right and plans for the future where not a 110 % set.

First we have to inform you, that our drummer Kai Vainionpää and also guitarist and founding member Sami Mikkonen have left the band for personal reasons. This is something that was not that easy to deal with and took some time too. But now we want to welcome JiiPee Haikola on guitar from the disbanded Kajaani based band D-Cayed as new member to the SoulHealer Family. And on drums we welcome back Timo Immonen, who has left for private reasons after the recording of „Chasing The Dream“ in 2013.

The band is right now already working on song ideas for the follow up for “Bear The Cross” from 2014, which should be ready for a release somewhere in 2018. For this year we have also already lined up a few gigs in Finland, which will be announced not that far in the future.

Greetings from SoulHealer!
(created 21.12.2016)

We wish all our fans, friends and supportes peaceful Christmas Holidays and all the best for the New Year 2017!

Zoned Out 2016 Video released & free download
(created 23.03.2016)

We have released a video for a re-recorded version of the song Zoned Out. The original track appears on the 2011 debut album The Kings Of Bullet Alley.

The video consists of pictures taken at various locations during the past 6 years, featuring all former and current band members.

And as a thank you to oure fans for 6 years loyalty we are also giving away Zoned Out 2016 as free mp3 download.

Zoned Out 2016 Video:

Zoned Out 2016 Audio stream & free mp3 download:

New bass player & first live dates for 2016
(created 12.02.2016)

We have a new bass player. Pasi Laakonen has left the band for peronal reasons. The new guy on the four-string is Lari Lmps. He has gratuated from the Kainuu Music Conservatory in Kajaani a few month ago.

Here are also the first live dates for 2016, where Lari will give his live debut with SoulHealer:

26.3. Iisalmi, Graceville
29.4. Veikkola, Bar Zebra,
30.4. Helsinki, Bar Bkkri w/ tba
13.5. Kajaani Rock House Kulma w/ Mad Hatters Den
14.5. Suomussalmi, Pub Jalonraitti
17.6. Utajrvi, Untorock 2016
18.6. Oulu, Rummers Club w/ Liverbox

Video for brand new song Touch The Sky released!
(created 12.12.2015)

We have released a new video for our brand new song Touch The Sky. It was recorded during autumn 2015 in Kajaani, Nurmes and Porvoo. It was Mixed and mastered at Dyne Engine Studio, Italy by Manuele Pesaresi. It features Kai Vainionp on drums, who already replaced Jani Nyman for live concerts in early 2015, As the return of Jani is very unlikely, we welcome Kai as a full member to the SoulHealer Family. The video was filmed during the triumphant return of SoulHealer to Nord Session Festival in Kostomuksha, Russia on November 27th and 28th 2015 and was edited by Marko Karvonen and Esa Haverinen.

As a big Thank You to our fans for five years support and as Christmas present you can also download Touch The Sky for free at this link:

Gig update!
(created 11.10.2015)

We are sorry to announce the gig at Bar Rock Bear in Vantaa on 7th of November is cancelled. Instead, we will have a show in Vesanto at Rock Bar Wankkuri same day. So see you there! Vantaa, well bring you the thunder and lightning later in 2016!

7.11.2015 Bar Rock Wankkuri, Vesanto

We have also added two more gigs for December:

18.12.2015 Kulma - House Of Rock & Food, Kajaani
19.12.2015 HulluMylly Oy, Vierema

For all scheduled gigs please visit the gig section on our website.

Gig List Update!
(created 09.08.2015)

SoulHealer have added a few more gigs:

11.9.2015 Bar Kaiku, Nilsi
12.9.2015 Pub Jalonraitti, Suomussalmi
6.11.2015 Rock Bar Marks, Joensuu w/ At the Border
7.11.2015 Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa w/ Prime Time Violence
27.-28.11.2015 Nord Session Festival, Kostomuksha, Russia

More Gigs added!
(created 12.06.2015)

SoulHealer have added more gig for their 2015 Anniversary Tour:

10.7.2015 Peeveebar, Kajaani
11.7.2015 Hilebar, Vuokatti, Sotkamon Syke afterparty
25.7.2015 Monorock, Kannus
14.8.2015 Kaivuri Pub, Kuopio
15.8.2015 Pihkuri, Viitasaari, Heavy Metal Evening

More 2015 gigs added!
(created 08.03.2015)

SoulHealer have added two more gig for their 2015 tour:

22.5.2015 Jmsnkoski, Bar Tona
23.5.2015 Kannus, Krouvi Menomono

Check out the gig section for all confirmed dates so far!

The Celebrations Continue!
(created 21.02.2015)

As part of the 5 Years Anniversary Celebration of SoulHealer we are giving you a 15 % discount on all items in our Official Webstore for the rest of the year!

(created 09.02.2015)

In 2010 SoulHealer from Finland released their first EP Dreamcatcher. This EP was sold out almost over night, and became a highly searched collectors item in the Metal Underground Scene. Its 2015 now and SoulHealer are proud with what they have reached so far in the everchanging music business. Three full albums, a label deal with Pure Legend Records and more than a hundred live shows is not that bad for an underground band in that timespan, not forgetting the growing and loyal fanbase.

Touring has concentrated mostly to their home country Finland with some very few and far exceptions. The main issue here are the expenses of such touring. That was the reason to start a crowdfunding campaing at Indiegogo.

SoulHealer wants to celebrate their Five Years Anniversary with all fans.

One of the perks in support for the campaign is a re-print of the long sold out Dreamcatcher T-Shirt.

And this is only the start of the celebrations, there will be alot more coming this year. 2015 will be a SoulHealer Year!

Sin Chee Clearly Anymore!

Event on 6..2.2015 cancelled!
(created 20.01.2015)

Unfortunally the event on 6.2.2015 in Kajaani at Nuorten Y @ Kajaanihalli w/ Temple Balls was cancelled!

(created 02.01.2015)

Melodic Metal Band SoulHealer has announced the first live dates for 2015 in Finland:

6.2.2015 Kajaani, Nuorten Y @ Kajaanihalli w/ Temple Balls
27.2.2015 Kuopio, Pekan Pub w/ Perpetual Rage
28.2.2015 Kajaani, Ravintola Pitk Taneli
13.3.2015 Toholampi, T.T. Pub
14.3.2015 Ii, Joku Paikallinen Pub
27.3.2015 Oulu, Hevimesta
28.3.2015 Joensuu, Marks w/ At the Border
17.4.2015 Kuusamo, Ravintola Veijo
18.4.2015 Rovaniemi, Grande

Drummer Jani Nyman will have to sit out these gigs because of health issues. He will have to take time to recover and not play drums for the time being. Kai Vainionp from Alpha Indigo will step in until Jani is back on track. SoulHealer would like to respect Janis privacy, so there will be no detailed info about his condition.

SoulHealer have also started a Crowdfunding Campaign for touring plans outside their home country:

The band says:

As you know, we have only played in Finland so far, with some very few exceptions. We also know that we have fans in the whole world. And of course we want to give them the experience of the magic at a SoulHealer show too. The main problem that it did not happen until now, is the that touring and travelling costs money and the budget for a band like us is tight. So we came up with the idea that our loyal fans could help us out of the dilemma. And we started this Crowdfunding Campaign to raise some money for touring outside of Finland. Just check it out.

(created 17.10.2014)

The long awaited 3rd SoulHealer album Bear The Cross has been released today as CD and Digital Download.

You can get your CD copy at Amazon, Best Buy, ect. You might even find it in a good music shop around the corner.

The album is available as Digital Download at Itunes, Amazon, ect.

Fans in Kajaani can pick up their copy locally at Prisma Kajaani from today and at Musiikki Lukinmaa starting on Monday. Of course you can get your cd also directly from all band-members and at the release gig this Saturday.

Fans from Germany we recommend to visit the Pure Steel Shop. Bear The Cross is available there as CD and also as Digital Download for a very special price.

We also have the new album available in the Official SoulHealer Webstore. Why not order it together with our brand new SoulHealer Logo T-Shirt? There you still have the option to get your copy signed by the band. This offer will end after the Release Weekend, same as the 10 % discount on all items in our shop.

Album Stream & Release Gig Stream!
(created 13.10.2014)

"Bear the Cross" , the third album from Finnish Melodic Metallers SoulHealer is available for streaming at Kaaoszine, starting Monday 13 October until the release date.

"Bear The Cross" will be out on Friday 17 October through Pure Legend Records.

To celebrate this event with all their fans, the Official Release Gig from SoulHealer at Balls in their hometown Kajaani on Saturday 18 October will be streamed live as video worldwide at this location:

Showtime is 10:15 PM CET

SoulHealer - The Journey Goes On Video released
(created 03.10.2014)

SoulHealer, Melodic Metal band from Finland, have released a video for the song The Journey Goes On. It is taken from the new album Bear The Cross, which will be released on 17th October through Pure Legend Records, a division of Pure Steel Records.

You can now preorder your copy of "Bear The Cross" in the Official SoulHealer Webstore. You have the option to choose if you want your copy signed by the whole band or not. SoulHealer also offers a 10 % discount on all products during the preorder phase.

Preorder has also started in the Pure Steel Shop. There you can safe 1 Euro from the regular price.

SoulHealer Pre-Party & Release gig
(created 03.10.2014)

SoulHealer will be celebrating the release of their new album Bear The Cross in their hometown Kajaani on Saturday 18th October.

It will start with a pre- party at Lungibaari Grn at 19:00 local time. You will be able to listen to the whole new album and having some chat with the band. Tickets for the pre-party are free and strictly limited to 40! They can be picked up locally at Grn and Balls.

After this warm-up the Release Gig will take place at Balls, starting 23:15 local time.

SoulHealer promise to make this whole weekend a really special one, so don`t miss it!

Preorder for "Bear The Cross"
(created 02.10.2014)

You can now preorder your copy of our new album "Bear The Cross" in our Official Webstore. Shipping will start one week prior the release date, which is October 17th. So you might have it even a few days earlier!

You have the option to choose if you want your copy signed by the whole band or not.

We also give a 10 % discount on all products during the preorder phase.

New song as free download & tourdates
(created 10.09.2014)

With the song Dead Man Walking as free download SoulHealer are offering the first musical appetizer from their new album Bear The Cross, which will be released on 17th October through Pure Legend Records.

The five Finnish guys will also hit the road again, starting with the official album release gig at Balls in their hometown Kajaani on 18th October.

18.10.2014 Balls, Kajaani (Bear the Cross release gig)
30.10.2014 On the Rocks, Helsinki
31.10.2014 Kenpes, Perni
1.11.2014 Zet Bar, Salo
14.11.2014 Pihkuri, Viitasaari
15.11.2014 The Rocks, Savonlinna
28.11.2014 Corona Music Bar, Pieksmki
29.11.2014 Hogans Music Bar, Pietarsaari

More gigs, including international apperances, are in the works and will be announced as soon as possible.

New album details & release date
(created 22.08.2014)

On 17th October 2014 the new album "Bear The Cross" from the Finnish melodic metal band SoulHealer will be released by PURE LEGEND RECORDS. As with the previous release "Chasing The Dream", the artwork was done again by Timo Wuerz. Janne Tolsa from Note-On Studio in Kuopio was in charge again for the mix and mastering. More news coming soon.

1. Unleash The Beast
2. Bear The Cross
3. The Journey Goes On
4. Fall From Grace
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Thorns In My Heart
7. The Vipers Kiss
8. Blinded By The Light
9. Revealed
10. Settle The Score

Album Update & more Summer Gigs added!
(created 14.05.2014)

It was a bit quiet in the SoulHealer camp with official news for the last three or four month. Well, the boys are really busy working on their new album. The recordings have already started and everything is still going as planned. A release for the follow-up for their 2013 album Chasing The Dream can be expected for autumn 2014.

SoulHealer have also added six more live dates for their summer tour in Finland:

16.5. Kempele, Royal Night Train
17.5. Utajrvi, Utajrven Baari
13.6. Helsinki, KAOFest Espan Puisto (New)
14.6. Parkano, Parooni (New)
4.7. Kajaani, Kainuun Musiikkijuhlat (New)
11.7. Suonenjoki, Kasi Bar
12.7. Puolanka, LankaFest
18.7. Ukkohalla, Swamp Rock (New)
25.7. Kannus, Krouvi MenoMono (New)
26.7. Jmsnkoski, No Mercy -event
30.7. Lieksa, Vaskiviikko Klubi-ilta w/ Zero Nine (New)

The next two gigs in May will feature former bass player Teemu Aho behind the drums. Jani Nyman the current SoulHealer drummer is going through some health issues at the moment, which forces him to sit out those two shows. His condition does not affect the album progress at all and he will be also back on stage in June.

New album & first live dates for 2014
(created 07.01.2014)

Finnish Melodic Metallers SoulHealer have started the work on the follow-up for the 2013 release Chasing The Dream. At the moment the band is busy writing new songs, to be ready to enter the studio pretty soon. A release can be expected for autumn 2014.

SoulHealer will also play a few live shows in Finland, to get some variety from studio work:

21.2. Musta Leski, Ylivieska
22.2. Hotelli Kainuu, Kuhmo
11.4. Sokos Hotel Vuokatti, Vuokatti
16.5. Royal Night Train, Kempele
17.5. Utajrven baari, Utajrvi
11.7. Kasi Bar, Suonenjoki
12.7. LankaFest, Puolanka
26.7. No Mercy -kamppailuilta, Jmsnkoski

And last but not least SoulHealer have made a co-operation deal with Finnish booking & promo agency Tuiran Paja based in Oulu.

(created 01.01.2014)

2013 was again a great year for SoulHealer! We would like to thank all our fans, friends and supporters!

We already have alot of stuff in the works for this year to make it maybe even better. So stay tuned!

Sin Chee Clearly Anymore!

(created 27.12.2013)

We are offering a 20% discount on all items in the Official SoulHealer Webstore.

We are expanding the christmas sale until January 1st 2014!

Merry Christmas & A Rockin New Year
(created 21.12.2013)

SoulHealer wishes all fans and supporters great christmas holidays and a rockin` new year!

Last show of the year in Russia!
(created 29.11.2013)

The last show of this year will bring SoulHealer back to Russia!

On December 7th SoulHealer will play at the Nord Session Festival in Kostomukscha for the second time since their first visit in 2011.

(created 17.11.2013)

We are offering a 20% discount on all items in the Official SoulHealer Webstore.

This offer is limited until christmas 2013 and of course also while stock lasts.

So be quick or be ...

SoulHealer 'Smoke & Mirrors' Video released
(created 06.11.2013)

Finnish melodic metal band SoulHealer has released a new video for the song 'Smoke & Mirrors' .

'Smoke & Mirrors' is from the album Chasing The Dream, which was released on May 10th by Pure Legend Records.

The footage used for this video is from the pre-release gig at Rock House Kulma in their hometown Kajaani on May 4th 2013.

Just go to to the Music & Videos section here on our website!

SoulHealer: Smoke & Mirrors
Produced by Cloudberry Services

Camera operators: Susanna Koljonen, Arttu Hypn & Niko Saarela
Film editor: Niko Saarela
Executive producer: Marko Karvonen
Producer: Niko Saarela

Gig Cancellation!
(created 14.10.2013)

Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel our gig in Kuopio 13.11. Apologies to our fans. Hope to see you soon!

New gig added!
(created 02.10.2013)

We have added a new gig to our "Touring The Dream" dates:

13.11.2013 Kuopio, Henry's Pub

Visit our gig section for more SoulHealer Live!

New Picture Gallery!
(created 15.09.2013)

Check out the new Picture Gallery on our website.


New gig added!
(created 04.09.2013)

We have added an additional gig to our extensive tour through Finland!

SoulHealer will return to their hometown Kajaani on November 9th and will rock at Saint Kukko together with their friends from Facelift.

Also check out the gigs section for more SoulHealer dates.

SoulHealer Chasing A Dream Video released
(created 21.07.2013)

With Chasing A Dream Finnish melodic metal band SoulHealer are releasing the second video from their latest album Chasing The Dream, out since May 10th 2013.

The song is used for the soundtrack for the Finnish Sci-Fi Movie Cased, out late 2013 and directed and written by Niko Saarela. Clips of this movie are therefore also used in the Chasing A Dream.

Click on the youtube link below or visit the Music & Video section on the homepage to watch the video.

(created 07.07.2013)

The gig on July 26th in Pub Maaherra is cancelled. The replacing venue in Mikkeli is Ravintola Kivijalka.

SoulHealer featured in German Rock It Magazine!
(created 19.06.2013)

German Magazine ROCK IT #76 incl. CD feat. SoulHealer! Out now!!!

- Report from the whole Pre-Release weekend in Kajaani.
- Live Review of the Pre-Release Gig at Rock House Kulma
- Album Review of "Chasing The Dream" 8,5/10
- "Never Turn My Back On You" on Rock It CD

(created 09.06.2013)

SoulHealer will play at the Nuclear Nightclub in Oulu as support of Dreamtale on Saturday June 13th 2013.

(created 14.05.2013)

The new SoulHealer Album "Chasing The Dream" is also available as digital download on iTune and in the Pure Steel Shop!

The Pure Steel Shop is offering the download version for a really special price, so check it out!

(created 10.05.2013)

The long awaited 2nd SoulHealer album Chasing The Dream has been released today.

You can get your copy at Amazon, Best Buy, ect.

Fans in Finland can get it at from Levykauppa x. In Kajaani its available in Anttila, Prisma and Musiikki Lukinmaa.

Fans from Germany we recommend to visit the Pure Steel Shop.

Of course we also have it available in the Official SoulHealer Webstore. And there it is your last chance today to get the special priced CD + Shirt bundle for only 28 Euros. And the 10% discount for all other merch ends today too!

Exclusive Album Streaming!
(created 07.05.2013)

Finnish Imeriumi. net is streaming the new album "Chasing The Dream" exlclusive on their soundcloud channel. The stream will be available until the official release date May 10th 2013.

(created 02.05.2013)

You can now preorder our new album "Chasing The Dream" which will be out on May 10th 2013 in the Official SoulHealer Webstore.

We also have a limited offer for a CD and Shirt bundle for only 28 Euro. The offer will end on the official release date.

The brandnew "Chasing The Dream" T Shirt is available in Ladys and Men sizes.

Also during the pre-order time we give you 10 % discount on all other items, except the new album and shirt.

All preorders will be shipped starting Tuesday May 7th 2013.

We have digged out also a few copies of the the digipack from our first album "The Kings Of Bullet Alley". When they are gone, they are gone!

(created 15.04.2013)

We have released an official video for "The Deception". The song is from our forthcoming album "Chasing The Dream", which will be released on May 10th 2013.

It is the first ever official video from SoulHealer and was written, directed, shot and edited by Niko Saarela and Arttu Hypn, both students at the Kainuu Vocational College.

Go to the Music & Video section on our website to watch it.

(created 08.04.2013)


Finnish melodic metal band SOULHEALER will hold a pre-release party in their hometown Kajaani on May 4th for their upcoming album "Chasing The Dream". The event takes place at the Bio Rex movie theatre. The band will be there to present the whole album to the public for the first time. What makes the event even more extraordinary is the worldwide big screen
premiere of the new promo video. The promo video was written, directed, shot and edited by Niko Saarela and Arttu Hypn, both students at the Kainuu Vocational College. And the album will be exclusively available for sale at the pre-listening and also the following pre-release gig later that evening, already before the official release date on May 10th.

The event will be hosted by Kepa Salmirinne, the front man of the seminal Finnish hard rock band Zero Nine. Among other guests will be for example the German journalist Andreas Schwe who will be following the band throughout the weekend to write a feature for the Rock It Magazine. Schwe is well known for his work for Metal Hammer, writing for example about Iron Maiden, Manowar, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Mtley Cre, Deep Purple, AC/DC and the Scorpions, just to name a few, and also for his books "All Access" and "Wacken Roll".

"It will be a previously unprecedented event locally, and we're not aware of anything like this been done anywhere else in Finland either. When we got the right and especially active partners on board we didn't have to think twice about it. And when we found out that Kepa Salmirinne will gladly host the event it really topped all this. He is after all one of the Finnish metal legends for our generation of metal fans. Now we just have to wake the interest of the local Kajaani people and the festivities can begin" says the guitarist for SOULHEALER Teemu Kuosmanen.

The pre-listen at Bio Rex starts on Saturday May 4th at 19.00. The invitation to the event can be collected from Bio Rex, Musiikki Lukinmaa, Rock House Kulma or Anttila Top Ten starting on Wednesday April 10th. The band members will also give out the invitations. The event is free of charge, there will be free drinks and small snacks, but invitations are
limited. For all who want to come to the pre-listening but are not able to get the invitation locally can contact the band at Later on the Saturday SOULHEALER will play a pre-release gig in Rock House Kulma.

(created 08.03.2013)

SoulHealer are proud to announce the dates for the extensive tour through the whole of Finland. The theme is "Touring The Dream Finland 2013" based on the title of the upcoming album "Chasing The Dream", which will be released through Pure Legend Records on May 10th 2013.

The band says: "We are very excited about this tour which will bring us to some places we have never been before in Finland. And we can't wait to present the new songs to our fans, all we can say that the setlist will contain a lot of them. We also know our fans from other countries are waiting for us to get there too. We can promise you we will bring our show to you as soon as possible. There is already something in the
works, and of course we will keep you updated when there is anything new."

Check out the gigs section for all dates.

We also have a high resolution Finland 2013 Poster in the download section for you.

Album details & Releasedate revealed!
(created 01.03.2013)

This is the official press release from Pure Legend Records:

SOULHEALER are five guys from Finland dedicated to Melodic Heavy Rock. Founded in 2009, they released their first EP "Dreamcatcher" in the summer of 2010. The first 300 pieces made sold out in 14 days. In July 2011 they released their first full Album "The Kings of Bullet Alley" the same way as the EP, independent. It showed already the qualities and potential of the band. And now it is finally time, Chasing The Dream", their 2nd strike will be out on May 10th 2013.

The band says about the album: We are really happy with the result. Anyone who loved our previous stuff will be blown away by Chasing The Dream!

Janne Tolsa from Note-On Studio is responsible for the perfect sound, he mixed and mastered the whole cd. The great cover artwork is from Timo Wuerz.

You can see a bigger version of the artwork here in the releases section or on our Facebook page.

The first teaser of the new album is the song Dont Look Back which is available for full and free download. Just go to the Music & Video Section here on the website.

Track List:
1. Wicked Moon
2. Dont Look Back
3. The Deception
4. Chasing A Dream
5. Done For Good
6. Ties Of Time
7. Never Turn My Back On You
8. Finally Free
9. Into The Fire
10. Smoke & Mirrors

SOULHEALER announces change behind the drums!
(created 22.02.2013)

Short after SOULHEALER had finished the work on the upcoming album Timo Immonen came up with his announcement that he feels forced to quit his commitment as the active drummer of the band:

It was really hard to let something like this go, basically a dream of a lifetime. To play in a rock'n'roll band, gigging regularly, recording, and with such a great bunch of assholes hahaha!

But what it comes down to is that I need to be able to spend more time with my family than I can see happening in the future with SOULHEALER as the pace is gradually picking up, more gigs lining up, and what started out as a hobby becoming more and more professional. All great things, that take more time, time away from family life.

I sincerely wish the guys in SOULHEALER the best and that they have the strength and energy to continue on the path we started on together some three odd years ago. Go for it guys!"

The band would like to thank Timo for being an important part of SOULHEALER behind the drum kit not only live but also on the Dreamcatcher EP, the first full album The Kings Of Bullet Alley and also on the upcoming cd. And Timo is right, the pace is picking up. So SOULHEALER did not waste any time finding a replacement. Teemu Kuosmanen phoned up his old friend Jani Nyman, as he knew he is a killer drummer. Being asked if he wants to join SOULHEALER as the new man, he didnt have to think twice.

Because of that we want to welcome Jani Nyman as the newest member in the SOULHEALER family. (He can be seen on the new band picture in the bio section on our website).

Jani already had his first commitment at a video session for the first ever SOULHEALER promo video for a song from the new album. The band has uploaded a small Behind The Scenes clip. Go to the Music & Video section on our website to watch it.

Jani will give his live debut on 15.3.2013 in Oulu, Ravintola Ykn Pub. The gig on 16.3. at Muhos, Muhos-Kellari was cancelled by the venue. But SOULHEALER already booked a replacement gig for that day. The band will play at Royal Night Train in Kempele on 16.3.2012.

We know this is not the announcement you did expect, as you are waiting impatiently for the details of the upcoming album. But we can promise you that this will be the next thing you will hear from SOULHEALER.

First gigs for 2013!
(created 11.02.2013)

After a long time working on the new album, SoulHealer are ready to hit the road again.We are pleased to announce the first 2 dates for 2013.

15.3.2013 Oulu, Ravintola Ykn Pub (First show in Oulu ever!)
16.3.2013 Muhos, Muhos-Kellari

More dates will be announced soon!

(created 01.01.2013)

One year has passed again, and this was a really great one for SoulHealer. One highlight was for sure our first show in Germany at the warmup show of the Headbangers Open Air, where we had a blast. And we hope and promise to be back in Deutschland as soon as possible. It was also great to share the stage with our heroes from Zero Nine at Lankafest. And last but not least we signed a worldwide deal with Pure Legend Records, a sublabel of the german record label Pure Steel Records last summer, where we will release our coming album. And here we can tell you, that we have finished our studio work there last weekend. All songs are recorded, and now Janne Tolsa will take care of mixing and mastering everything at Note On Studio. We are more than happy with our recording sessions and how everything turned out. And we think that we have produced a killer album, with some of the strongest SoulHealer songs ever We know almost all bands say this about their newest album, but this is the feeling we have at the moment, and we want to share it with you. Well, you will be able to make your own opinion pretty soon. We are looking forward for another great SoulHealer year 2013, and we hope you are doing too.

Heavy Christmas & Rockin' New Year
(created 22.12.2012)

We wish all our fans, friends and supporters a heavy christmas and a rockin' new year!

SoulHealer have entered the studio!
(created 03.10.2012)

For the next few weeks the studio of sound engineer Teemu Ojalehto in Kajaani will be the home of SoulHealer. In several sessions the band will record the follow up for their debut album The Kings Of Bullet Alley, which received almost only great reviews by the press, and also the fan reaction was more than positive. So the expectations for the next album are high, as it will be also the first release through Pure Legend Records, SoulHealer signed a worldwide deal with the German label in June 2012. But the band does not feel any pressure, as they are more than confident that the new song material is not only as strong as The Kings Of Bullet Alley, but maybe even stronger. A release date for the still unnamed album is not set yet, but you can expect it to be out in spring 2013.

SoulHealer announces Lineup change!
(created 29.08.2012)

Teemu Aho is forced to quit his active commitment as bass player in SoulHealer for personal reasons. But he will continue to be a part of the family as webmaster and wherever his help is needed. Although the band was hit hard with this decision, they didnt lose any time in looking for a replacement. Sami Mikkonen thought of his best old friend Pasi Laakkonen, who has a Garage Rock Band running with Alpha Indigo at the moment. Both already played together in some cover band projects some 10 years ago, and for the last time about 4 years ago. Pasi was invited for an audition, where he left no doubt that he his the right guy at the right place at the right time. So we welcome Pasi Laakkonen as the new bass player in SoulHealer. He will give his live debut already at the next show on 7th September at Bar Bkkri in Helsinki. Beside that SoulHealer are working hard on the follow up for their debut album The Kings Of Bullet Alley. The song writing process is going great, and as usual every new song will be tested in the live situation. So you should not be surprised to hear some new songs on any upcoming shows. Only tracks that work live will find their way on the next SoulHealer Album. And the band is confident to have it ready and finished for a release in spring 2013 through Pure Legend Records.

Upcoming gigs 2012

7.9. Bar Bkkri, Helsinki
8.9. Back Room, Kotka
29.9. Rytmikellari, Raahe CANCELLED!
5.10. Janoinen Puuma, Iisalmi
23.11. Nosturin Alakerta, Helsinki
24.11. Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta
5.12. Balls, Kajaani

Special Offer in our Webstore!
(created 31.07.2012)

We have now a special offer for all our fans. You can get the Special Edition of "The Kings Of Bullet Alley" + T-Shirt for a bundle price of 20 Euros in the Official SoulHealer Webstore! Just go to Sin Chee T-Shirt in our shop and use the choice "CD + Shirt Bundle".

Running Order HOA Warmup!
(created 18.07.2012)

This is the Running Order of the Warm-Up Show at the Headbangers Open Air Germany! It is taking place at the Lauschbar in Itzehoe.

Dies ist die geplante Running-Order mit ungefhren Spielzeiten / This is the planned running order with approximate times:

18.00 - 18.35 Stuka Squadron
18.50 - 19.40 August Redmoon
20.00 - 20.40 Agincourt
21.00 - 21.45 Soulhealer

Alle Bands werden nachmittags bei Hellion Records (gegenber der Lauschbar) sein um Autogramme zu schreiben und Eure Fragen zu beantworten. Nicht verpassen !

All bands will be at Hellion Records (across the street from the Lauschbar) in the afternoon to sign autographs and answer your questions ! Don't miss it !

SoulHealer signs worldwide deal!
(created 29.06.2012)

SoulHealer are more than proud to announce, that they have signed a worldwide deal with Pure Legend Records, which is a sublabel of Pure Steel Records.

And as today is also the worldwide release of the Special Edition of "The Kings Of Bullet Alley" with full "Dreamcatcher EP" as bonus, you can order your copy also in the Pure Steel Shop beside of other great stuff from other great bands.

Wicked Moon released on Metal Crusade CD Sampler!
(created 27.06.2012)

SoulHealer are proud to announce that they are featured on the Metal Crusade - Vol. XXI CD in the latest issue of the German Heavy Magazine with the new song Wicked Moon. This is the first time that this song is released on cd.

And last but not least, this is even more special as this issue of the Heavy wil be the last at all. SoulHealer wants to thank the makers of the magazine very much for all their support.

The Special Edition released!
(created 01.06.2012)

Today is the official release date of the Special Edition of "The Kings of Bullet Alley" in Finland!

You can order your copy from most webstores including Levykauppa x among others. The band members and the band's own webstore are happy to take your order as well.

In celebration of the new release the Official SoulHealer webstore has lowered the prices on all other items and there is a surprise gift with every two items bought! Go check it out:

New interview on Lethal Conflict Webzine
(created 20.05.2012)

Teemu and Sami have been interviewed by Lethal Conflict Webzine. Here is the link to the interview:

The Kings Of Bullet Alley - Special Edition
(created 08.05.2012)

We are pleased to announce the re-release of "The Kings Of Bullet Alley" as a Special Edition with the full "Dreamcatcher" EP included. The release is due on June 1st through Inverse Records in Jewel Case complete with a 12 page booklet, all lyrics and new band pictures. Read all about it here in Finnish

For those of you challenged in the Finnish language, here is the English version:

Young, Fresh& Hungry For Action! As a band SoulHealer might be young but they really have strong vision and urge to do things right. The band has managed to update the Classic 80's sound into modern times environment. Yet this is not a tribute thing but more about living today and not forgetting the legacy of classic era. For references think bands like Zero Nine, Tarot, the obvious Iron Maiden, Accept and Judas Priest, but also American side of classic things like Dokken, Lynch Mob,Ratt, Tesla.

The band was established in Kajaani, Finland in 2009 and already in next year they released their first ep Dreamcatcher, which sold 300 copies in first 2 weeks. A year later and after their first gig abroad (in Russia), their first album The Kings of Bullet Alley was released on limited edition digipack on their own label. In order to put things on right order, Inverse Records is releasing special edition of the The Kings of Bullet Alley, this time with Dreamcatcher ep as bonus. This allows the band to concentrate on upcoming gigs (including warm up for Headbangers Open Air) and start demoing new potential songs for the next album. You can expect to hear more from this band in years to come.

Thanks to Metal Revelation!
(created 20.03.2012)

SoulHealer would like to thank Marjo Verdooren and her company Metal Revelation for her great work she did for us during the last six months. We would never be where we are right now without her great experience in promoting bands. Due to unpredictable circumstances, it is not possible for us to continue with her. But to put all speculations down, this has nothing to do, that SoulHealer has not been satisfied. This is not true: it is only time for us to move forward in a different way. And you can trust us, there is already a lot of stuff going on, we are working on right now. So stay tuned for all the things that might happen in the SoulHealer camp in the near future. And for all other bands that are stuck in the underground and need good advice and promotion, we can highly recommend Metal Revelation.

Official Press Release!
(created 07.03.2012)

Metal Revelation has posted an official press release for this year plans from SoulHealer! You can read it at this location:

Interview with SoulHealer at Underground Empire!
(created 07.03.2012)

Teemu and Sami have been interviewed by Walter Scheurer for German Webzine Underground Empire. You can read the interview here:

New gigs added!!!
(created 29.02.2012)

Check out the gigs!

Three new songs added!
(created 24.02.2012)

We have added three completely new songs for your listening pleasure! This bunch of songs was recorded last month. You can log on to our MySpace, ReverbNation, Facebook or SoundCloud to listen to them. YouTube streaming is available as well.

Why don't you just go listen to what we've conjured up ;-).

SoulHealer comes to Germany
(created 30.01.2012)

SoulHealer will make their first appearance in Germany this summer! We are confirmed for the Warmup show of the Headbangers Open Air on 25. July 2012 at the Lauschbar in Itzehoe.

Happy New Year & Thank You!
(created 05.01.2012)

As a thank you to all our fans who supported us last year, we are offering a 10 % discount on all products in our official webstore! This is a limited time offer ending on 31 January 2012.

Christmas present!
(created 14.12.2011)

The full Dreamcatcher EP, including cover art, is available for free download at
The songs are 256kbs mp3's. Click on the song details to download the EP cover.
This is a limited time offer ending on the 27th December.

New SoulHealer merchandise and vote us on FMA 2012
(created 07.12.2011)

Go to our official webstore and you will find the new cool t-shirt, beanie and army cap!


It is also possible to download Kings of Bullet Alley album on iTunes and Amazon! Check out the shopping section!

Vote for SoulHealer on Finnish Metal Awards 2012! (See the banner on your right)

more great reviews!
(created 24.10.2011)

Webstore open!!!
(created 28.09.2011)

Hi folks! The official SoulHealer Webstore is open! Go to "Shopping" section.

SoulHealer confirms Finnish Tour Dates!
(created 21.09.2011)

The Finnish Metallers from SOULHEALER have just announced more tour-dates for the south of Finland for their "The Bullet Alley Road Show Pt. II":

12.10. Tampere, O`Hara`s
13.10. Helsinki, On the Rocks
14.10. Espoo, Vanha Mestari (with special guest Payload)
15.10. Jämsänkoski, Bar Tona

SOULHEALER has released their CD "The Kings Of Bullet Alley" this summer with distribution through HELLION RECORDS.

Official press release

World wide promotion!
(created 15.09.2011)

SoulHealer are pleased to announce a world wide promotion deal with Metal Revelation. Read all info @">

Radio Rock!
(created 25.08.2011)

SoulHealer reviewed and interviewed in finnish radio rock -web site:

Sin Chee to Sotkamon Syke!
(created 05.08.2011)

We are proud to announce a surprise appearance at Sotkamon Syke festival on August 6th. SoulHealer will be the opening act at the festival starting to rip the place apart 1555 hours local time. Come check us out! More info of the festival from

Another great review!!!!
(created 25.07.2011)

Kings of Bullet Alley reviewed!
(created 20.07.2011),18675.html

Translations will come soon or try Google translater :)

The Kings of Bullet Alley Released!
(created 17.06.2011)

The new album is released today!

The Kings of Bullet Alley is available locally in Kajaani from the band members, Musiikki Lukinmaa, Anttila and Prisma.

All other Finnish orders please contact for details.

For the rest of the world SoulHealer are pleased to announce a distribution deal with Please check out their website for purchasing details.

The Last of the Teasers!
(created 09.06.2011)

In celebration of the new album Kings of Bullet Alley one FULL song will be available for listening. Exclusively on this site @ 1500 local time Friday 10JUNE11!


Due to technical problems, the final teaser is now available! Enjoy.

The next teaser!
(created 02.06.2011)

The next teaser bit of a song available on this site, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube tomorrow 3JUNE11 @ 1500 local time. Be sure to check it out, it'll be a song you most definitely have not heard before!

The first teaser available for listening.
(created 27.05.2011)

Just push play and listen to the title track of the forthcoming album The Kings of Bullet Alley due to release 17JUNE11.

(created 25.05.2011)

A teaser of the forthcoming album's title track will be available for listening on this site, MySpace and YouTube 27MAY @ 1500 local time!

SoulHealer to open for Bon Jovi!?
(created 20.05.2011)

Vote SoulHealer to the Bon Jovi opening slot in a few easy steps:

1. go to
2. register using your Facebook profile or any other email address of your choosing. You will receive an email to activate your Hitlantis account.
3. become a fan

That's all it takes! Go there if you haven't done it already

Website open!!!!
(created 20.05.2011)

Welcome to explore our new website! Any comments?! Don't hesitate to mail us: soulhealer[�t]
Be sure to check out our MySpace and Facebook profiles as well!